1.  Dharna Started from 18 Nov. 2016 and will be continuing for an indefinite period.


Charted of Demand

1. Creating awareness about human rights and their protection.
2. Respecting Fundamental Rights and upholding UN Universal Declarations.
3 Honouring committed social reformers and human right activists.
4. Focusing objectives of politics on the welfare of society and national interest.
5. Promoting unity, equality, social harmony and national integrity.
6. Facilitating justice to all without discrimination.
7. Promoting transparency in judicial, quasi-judicial and investigation proceedings.
8. Reducing VIP system, as all human beings deserve equitable treatment.
9. Taking effective steps to make India drugs-free and crime-free.
10. Increasing investments in agriculture and granting to it status of industry.
11. Guaranteeing effective security – physical and financial – to all.
12. Providing single window system in government offices to prevent corruption.
13. Focusing on workers’ problems and providing quick relief to them.
14. Promoting equitable development of rural and urban areas.
15. Promoting equitable distribution of food, clothing, housing, health and education facilities.
16. Promoting focus on women empowerment in all areas.
17. Providing free education to girls upto 12th standard.
18. Providing better finance facilities to cottage and small-scale industries.
19. Appointing human rights volunteers/activists in all government organizations and police stations.
20. Keeping social activities away from politics to promote better and more active participation of people.
21. Keeping all public authorities free from undue political pressures.
22. Providing adequate and effective counseling and help to youth.
23. Regulating working hours of police & security personnel to provide for their health, welfare and social life.
24. Honouring media to motivate its participation in creating awareness and social causes.
25. Providing better and equitable representation to social activists in executive, legislature and judiciary.
26. Changing the socio-economic system to ensure better opportunities to all.
27. Declaring common men’s language as the national language.
28. Identifying all Indians with reference to INDIA and not on the basis of caste, race, region or religion.
29. Establishing a specialized bank on the lines of Swiss Bank to prevent outflow of black money and its investment in priority sectors.
30. Providing concessions and tax relief to human right activists in all journeys.
31. Providing concessional or free insurance to human right activists.
32. Establishing a Special Fund to promote human rights activities.
33. Guaranteeing employment to youth.
34. Banning display of violent and obscene scenes in all media, including films.
35. Promoting human right activities through village panchayats, municipal/ district authorities, state legislatures and Parliament.
36. Establishing Human Rights University.
37 . Nominating human right activists in state legislatures and Rajya Sabha/Parliament.