Legal Cell
National Human Rights Legal Cell. Free Legal Center All Over India Supported by LSA.

International Human Rights Library. Running a ‘Free School’ for poor at Delhi.

Published Human Rights Fortnightly Magazine in Hindi & English

725 Units functioning in India.

70 Days Sadbhawana Journey-2004
70 Days International Human Rights Awareness & Sadbhawana Journey From 2nd October to 10 December, 2004 Completed 15000 KM, 22 States & 2 Countries.

200 Days Journey-2006
World’s First 200 Days International Human Rights Awareness for Cultural Integration Journey from Republic Day to Independence Day, 2006. IInd Journey of AIHRA. The Journey completed 51,000 Kms, 33 States in India and Maldev’s, Bhutan & Nepal without any donation, contribution by government and others.

224 Days Journey-2013
AIHRA ‘s 3rd 224 Days International Human Rights Journey for Awareness Empowerment of Youth & Raise Your Voice on Human Rights 1st May to 10th Dec. 2013, Completed 75 thousand km, 34 states with UT and SAARC Member Countries and distributed lacs and laccs handbill & literatures.

People Help
Above 1,45,237 Cases solved and help the people.

Above Lacs Members
AIHRA have Above Lacs  Members, 225 Centres and public at large associated with us in this movement.

National Integration

Conducts National & International Human Rights Camps & Awareness Programmes in different State in India & Abroad.

For National Integration 151 Marriages of all religions conducted, Ahmed Nagar at Maharashtra.

Established many NGO’s
Established Nation Human Rights Commission & Others Human Rights NGO’s.

Project Work

Completed a number of projects related to Human Rights Violations in India & Abroad.

Project Work 25,000 cr. for National International AIHRA Head Quarter on way.

Grand Event’s
Every Year on 10th December, celebrates World Human Rights Day with Award & Cultural Programmes in different part of India & Abroad.

AIHRA  honouring committed social reforms and human rights for all.

AIHRA Continously engaged in establishment and fight for human rights as :  a. Social, Economical and Political Freedom is waste without the protection of human rights. To Fight for human rights is responsibility of everyone.

b. Human are exploited on basis of race, religion and caste globally. Exploitation and oppression are reaching new height.

AIHRA believes that a person may be fair or dark, may be Hindu, Muslim, Christian or Sikh, speaks Hindi or any other language, he is human being first and he is entitled to exercise all human rights as per Universal Declaration of human rights.

We have to extend all of our acts we have done in past 35 years with your support and co-operations.