Every person born on this earth is alike and enjoys equal status. The boundaries of nation drawn, the differences in language and class difference between nations do not hold any practical relevance. These have been created by human for their own needs. The truth is that Human is a Human. But here they have been divided into different caste and sectors. Human is a social creature and has adopted the lifestyle of his society. Everyone has its own way of living and its own belief and line of thinking. Today human are living their lives in rat race, there are some people in society who encourages the practices of class difference and discrimination and this is the start point of problem which finally leads to exploitation of human rights. Even Men- women have been divided in the category of Greatness and inferiority. In some Society women are given less respect to their achievement in comparison to men and even their rights are considered to be less than men. This is the reason that we have the problem of class difference, caste difference not only in India but globally and this results many social problems. If human would have made progress as a human only, the form of world would have been different today.
All India Human Rights Association (AIHRA) has taken multiple initiatives for spreading the Awareness about the preservation of Human Rights. The Objective of AIHRA has turned multi-purpose since the Association of many Intellectuals with it. AIHRA has taken all possible steps for protection of Human Rights and humanity. The Volunteers of ‘AIHRA’ has been spreading awareness about Human Rights in every corner of country. In Every part of India May it be Central India, North India, Western Part or Eastern part of India, the efforts of volunteers of AIHRA for spreading awareness about human rights has been commendable and this effort will continue.
President of ‘AIHRA’, Dr M U Dua has seen many faces of human lives in India and around the globe. He has seen poor –slum dwellers, he has seen people living is posh pent houses, He has also seen the people who owns posh cars and there are few who do not have sufficient means to afford meal twice a day. There are people who can’t afford Doctor’s fees one time and there are many who visit Doctor Four times in day for medical check up. After all these varied experience, He felt the need to share his experience and views with public at large therefore AIHRA decided to publish monthly magazine on the Issue at human rights. Dr Dua has made people aware about his views till now. Now he has taken the resolution to make his views and suggestion available to people thorough this book. This book is first of in this series. Dr. Dua has taken reference from several other books/ magazines and scriptures and has also sought inputs, took advices and opinion from his intellectual friends circle, colleagues, and volunteers while writing this book. This book is Dr. Dua ‘s first attempt and we are hopeful this will be successful.
There is neither adequate awareness nor enthusiasm in India about human rights. Human rights are serious issue. Society is benefitted from the views of prominent people associated with Human rights but their views take limited space in various mean communication like News paper , Magazines Television etc. United Nations organisation has taken numerous meaningful steps in relation to human rights.
National Human rights commission was set up in 1993 in India. NHRC has taken many commendable initiatives in field of human rights. Along with it, there are many other organisations who are continuous by engaged in spreading awareness about human rights. In the same series, AIHRA is also involved in making people aware about their fundamental rights and human rights through its initiatives. This book focuses on varied issues and AIHRA will not stop here and keep on publishing books on different issues and make it available to people. We will be publishing next book immediately after this in the same series. To Promote Humanity is AIHRA’s mission and its continuously engaged in accomplishment of its mission. To make everyone aware about human rights, to make people available their rights is AIHRA’s Target.
In past 27 years, AIHRA has organised three comprehensive journeys which has travelled village to village, lane to lane in every part of India. There is still lot of things to be done for nation as even after 66 years of Independence country shell lacks basic amenities. Women are not given their full rights, child labour is prevalent in almost every part of nation and labour exploitation can also be easily seen. Muscle power of goons is very common, there are still long delays in justice. AIHRA has been making efforts constantly so that Poor and under privileged can receive true and immediate justice
AIHRA has suggested single window system to prevent corruption. AIHRA has sent a letter to government of India with 37 Demands. This demand letter covers multiple aspects and needs of society including demand of declaring a national language. We have also spoken about the promoting concept identity of Indians and Indian-ness. It also covers issue of women empowerment, child education, providing basic amenities to all. we have also asked for more investment in agriculture sector and giving agriculture a status of industry. We have also demanded that VIP system should be eliminated as all human are alike. We have also demanded to bring more transparency in Legal process and Investigating agency, to give rewards and respect to social reformers and human rights volunteers, to set up a special fund for awareness of human rights, to develop rural India on the lines of urban areas. Similarly, AIHRA has asked for increasing facility for all people of all class- sector in India. AIHRA will continue in its effort to make required benefits available to common people of India. We require your support and cooperation and we are hopeful you will keep on supporting us in this mission.
All India Human Rights Association (‘AIHRA’)